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Music is the second language,the greatest human emotion .

Ebano Classical music is a platform that aim for a quality education in classical music, performance and activities. Ebano Classical Music promotes the great competition, masterclass, campus, and international exchange activities. Our vision and mission is to provide more classical music students with opportunities for music learning and practice, as well as a platform for outstanding young musicians to perform.


Milan International Violin Competition

The 2022 Milan International Violin Competition is open to talented violinists and future performers.

022 The Milan International Violin Competition in Italy invites international performers and top experts from authoritative music academies in various countries as the jury. In 2022, the competition will be judged online. The competition is divided into professional group and amateur group; contestants in the professional group need to win awards through two rounds of evaluation. The 2022 Milan International Violin Competition is open to all violin players, regardless of gender or nationality.

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